ISTQB® has the vision of defining and maintaining a Body of Knowledge which allows testers to be certified based on best practices, connecting the international software testing community, and encouraging research.

To proceed with the vision, ISTQB® has the mission to nurture an open international community, committed to sharing knowledge, ideas, and innovations in software testing. Therefore, there are several initiatives to enhance the relationship between ISTQB® stakeholders with academia.

We want to encourage progress in our profession, by incorporating new research from academia and by cooperating with industry software testing professionals.

ISTQB® decided to compile and publish several information on our website, namely:

  • ISTQB® Conference Network – Academia
  • ISTQB® Academic Research Compendium
  • ISTQB® Academia Dossier

There is also an ISTQB® Academia Partner Program that recognizes educational institutions and academic faculty with a demonstrated commitment to software testing research and to promote the testing profession.

ISTQB® compiles and promotes on its website, a set of conferences with scientific, academic or pedagogic specialization, focused on Testing and/or Software Quality. It is either organized or recognized by an ISTQB® Member Board or by ISTQB® Marketing Working Group.

The “Conference Network” is different from the “Conference Network – Academia”. The former is focused on Industry Partners and on conferences where the program includes at least one official ISTQB® presentation which includes the ISTQB® status, perspectives and product portfolio. The conference will provide a discount for companies that have subscribed to the Partner Program.

By contrast, the “Conference Network – Academia” is focused on scientific, academic or pedagogic areas. For more details, look here.

The Compendium is a list of papers and research conducted by Academia that must:

  • Be focused on Software Testing and/or Software Quality
  • Create a value and contribution to the field
  • Have a scientific, academic or pedagogic specialization
  • Be written in English

The Compendium aims to promote a closer relationship between Academia and Industry, so that organizations can locate some fields of innovation, which can be explored jointly with Universities. Therefore, ISTQB® recognizes papers and research that:

  • Have a clearly stated list of goals
  • Is focused on Software Testing and/or Software Quality
  • Have a well-defined research Methodology and Plan
  • Have the possibility of Practical Application

No, there are some rules to follow, namely:

  • Create value and contributions to the field of Software Testing and/or Software Quality with recent innovation, and we’re interested in getting papers and research dated no more than 7 years ago
  • Have a scientific, academic, or pedagogic specialization
  • Be written in English
  • Have a clearly stated list of goals
  • Have a well-defined research Methodology and Plan
  • Have the possibility of Practical Application

ISTQB® has an independent review team that evaluates each application before it is included and published on ISTQB® website.

One way to foster the partnership with the Academia Network is to share good practices already in place. The Academia Dossier is a compilation of country-specific good practices that promote interactions of ISTQB® stakeholders with Academia.

The Dossier offers possibilities for other countries to adapt and adopt these good practices, and is a platform on which to collaborate. 

For more details, please download the Dossier here or contact us at

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