Value Chain

ISTQB® operates through a General Assembly, an Executive Committee and a number of Working Groups (WGs) whose operation are described in “ISTQB® Working rules and Management Structure” and in “ISTQB® Working Groups”.

ISTQB® connection to the local communities is ensured by Member Boards and by Training Providers and Exam Bodies; more details about their relationships are given in “ISTQB® Stakeholders”.



The target of ISTQB® exams are the testing professionals, that can become “ISTQB® Certified testers”.

By expanding the know-how of certified testers, ISTQB® has a significant influence on the companies (both IT users and IT service provider) that employ the certified professionals.

In addition, the ISTQB® syllabi are adopted as a reference by several ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tool providers, by Academic institutions in their training courses and by Public institution in their tenders.

This results in a global significant influence on the community at large.

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