Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Analyst v3.1

No reaccreditation is required since less than 5% of the LOs are impacted by the changes. Accredited training providers shall submit a letter of confirmation to the accrediting Member Board stating that they have updated the training material accordingly.


The exam structure and rules for Advanced Test Analyst version v3.1 remain the same as for version 2019. This includes the number of questions in total, the number of questions per chapter and the exam duration.


Candidates who want to take an ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Test Analyst exam need to hold a valid ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate.


You will need to check the changes mentioned in the release notes. Focus on the new content related to the learning objective TA-3.2.3 'Analyze a given specification item(s) and design test cases by applying decision table testing'. Practice with the sample exam for v3.1.


The section on decision table testing has been reworked substantially. All the other changes are minor, making the text more precise and understandable without changing the meaning.


Since the launch of the CTAL-TA 2019 version, ISTQB® has received a number of comments from its users. The new version of the syllabus addresses these comments and in doing so improves the understandability of the Syllabus.