Working rules and Management structure

The ISTQB® is an independent, democratic non-profit association, ruled by a constitution.

The main organism is the General Assembly (GA) that elects the Executive Committee (EC) and the Chairs of the Working Groups.

The Executive Committee is responsible to execute all the decision made by the GA and to make ISTQB® operate in accordance with its mission and vision.

Executive Committee is supported by a General Secretary under contract, and by secretariat / back office services.

The ISTQB® Executive Committee is comprised of 4 roles:

  • President
    • The president represents the board, and is the first point of contact for outside organizations. The president chairs the General Assembly (GA) of the ISTQB®. The standard term of office is two years. Re-election is possible.
  • Vice-President
    • The vice president deputizes for the president when necessary. The standard term of office is two years. Re-election is possible.
  • Treasurer
    • The Treasurer is responsible for the collection, maintenance, investment and disbursement of funds. They are also responsible for the budget definition and controlling, as well as the preparation of the accounts. The treasurer is the key contact with the representatives of the member boards related with financial topic and they are an active member of the executive committee, being involved in all its activities. Re-election is possible.
  • Secretary
    • The secretary is responsible for managing the agenda of the General Assembly, managing the votes of the GA, keeping other records and files, taking minutes of the meetings, and answers correspondence. Re-election is possible.

The current ISTQB® Executive Committee members are:

The ISTQB® is an international organization; previous Presidents include:

  • Stuart Reid – United Kingdom
  • Tilo Linz – Germany
  • Rex Black – United States
  • Yaron Tsubery – Israel
  • Chris Carter - Australia
  • Gualtiero Bazzana - Italy
  • Karolina Zmitrowicz - Poland

ISTQB General Secretary is currently:

  • Galit Zucker

ISTQB secretariat / backoffice services are currently provided by:

  • MCI

In order to support growth and development, ISTQB® invests in having 2 General Assembly Meetings per year and additional WG meetings when required.