ISTQB® Academia Dossier

ISTQB® is committed to promoting a close relationship with Academia, so that we nurture an open international community, sharing knowledge, ideas, and innovations in software testing.

One way to foster the partnership with the Academia Network is to share some good practices already in place. The Academia Dossier is a compilation of country specific good practices in terms of interactions of ISTQB® stakeholders with Academia.

The Dossier offers possibilities for other countries to adapt these good practices, and it is also a platform to collaborate as well.

Below you can find a description of some of those best-practices, illustrated by a Pie Chart created after a sample of 10 countries’ data.

The above initiatives are:

  • Papers & Conferencesparticipation of academics in ISTQB® conferences and participation of ISTQB® members in academic conferences, discounts in conference tickets, offering tickets for specific students for international conferences and, jointly written papers.
  • Funding represents Internships (for students through industry affiliates), Scholarships applied to research, and Sponsorships from industry partners to promote research in testing.
  • Community Leverage promote regular meetings, magazine for knowledge sharing and a compilation of “Who is Who Directory” for Phd.s in Testing.
  • Teaching protocols between Member Boards and Universities to promote software testing in graduates, helping professors to be ISTQB® certified and Online Open Courses with the involvement of Academia.
  • General academic people included in Member Board positions, Thesis cooperation and Awards for meaningful and most influencing people.
  • Certifications Manage special discount programs for ISTQB® exams.
  • Syllabus creation and review of Syllabus with academics’ involvement.

For more details, please download the ISTQB® Academia Dossier or check our FAQ section.

Another cooperation opportunities:

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