Sunset Rules for CTAL 2007

To ensure a smooth transition between the 2007 version and 2012 version, there will be a transition period during which the 2007 version will be phased out.

The earliest availability of exams against the 2012 version will be December 2012 with local ISTQB® Member Boards being able to advise on exact dates.

The following are key milestones relating to the phasing out of the 2007 version:

  • Sunset dates for courses - no further 2007 courses allowed to start:
    April 19th 2013 (English), October19th 2013 (non-English)
  • Sunset date for exams - no further 2007 exams allowed:
    July 19th 2013 (English), January 19th 2014 (non-English)