SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX 2023

When: November 8-11, 2023
Where: Bratislava, Slovakia

The fourth installemnt of SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX conference with two tracks of talks, three tracks of workshops, and a magnificent social event. Our main topic this year is a (Re)discover the value in testing with us! We have wide audience every year - qa sw engineer/sw tester/ test/qa lead, test automation engineer, test/qa manager, top management. In the Inspiration track, we would like to hear about the understanding of what is valuable for our customers, what value a tester has in a particular project, and how to increase the value of testers or even entire teams within the company. The Technical track should cover code quality measuring tools - linters, code coverage, code quality reviewers, monitoring, and observalibility tools. And help us to see not just the results, but also the stories behind them and their value from broader perspective.

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