When: October 10-11, 2024
Where: Online

15. International Virtual TestIstanbul Conference, the largest software testing event in the South Europe and Middle East region is organized this year on 10- 11th October 2024. Theme of this year is "Mobile Testing".
It is an international conference on software testing organized by Turkish Testing Board which is the member of ISTQB®, hosted +6400 participants and +70 valuable keynote speakers from +300 companies and +25 countries since 2010.
The audience of the conference will be mainly test engineers, project managers, software engineers, software programmers, DevOps engineers, product managers, business managers, software architects, system analysts, agile teams, and business teams. Attendees will be from various industries; banking, insurance, telecom, high-tech, finance, e-commerce, startups etc.
The conference will take place in an interactive way. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world through Chat Rooms, Q&A Sessions, Virtual Expo Area, Gamification Activities and Networking Events.
TestIstanbul also, is the event that annually up-to-date edition of TSQR is launched. The report is designed to draw a clear picture of the current situation in Turkish market and sets the de facto standards and trends for future IT .

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