Live2Test 2022 International Software Testing Conference

When: May 23-24, 2023
Where: Online

As we have always been desirous to build a social platform for software testers and people who are interested in testing and quality assurance, we have created our social brand and motto, Live2Test®️! Live2Test®️ is a social platform, and a series of events for testers to communicate, to share, to teach, to learn, to consult, to develop and to socialize. Live2Test®️ is a social platform to get testers out of their comfort zones and make them interact.

The event is structured with keynote sessions, panels and interactive workshops where the participants can grasp theoretical and practical software testing knowledge.

Conference main topics are:

Test Automation, Test Management, Usability Testing, Test Outsourcing, Cybersecurity Testing, RPA, AI Testing, Agile Testing, BDD, Checklist Based Testing, Career in Software Testing


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