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The ISTQB® is an open international organization committed to the advancement of software testing education and certification. International subject matter experts come together to support the ISTQB® Certified Tester scheme, including the creation and maintenance of syllabi, the ISTQB® Glossary, exam standards and processes.

ISTQB® relies on the contribution from its volunteer community and welcomes new software testing professionals to be part of our global community. We take pride in being the most recognized software testing certification scheme in the world.

To contribute to the development of ISTQB® syllabi or processes, you need to be a member of an ISTQB® Member Board. Member boards determine the participation of their members in the ISTQB® Working Groups.

Within ISTQB®, we also seek feedback and welcome comments, opinions and suggestions from the wider testing community. Please contact your local member board.

You are welcome to join and contribute!

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Increase confidence and trust in your team’s testing skills and gain a competitive advantage as an ISTQB® Partner
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Boost your position as a training provider with official recognition from ISTQB®
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Promote your conference to a global audience with the endorsement of the ISTQB® Conference Network
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Help ISTQB® to identify and recognize inspiring influencers within the software testing profession and celebrate their achievements
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Extend the reach of your audience for your academic papers and/or research by publishing in the ISTQB® compendium. Both compendium and white papers section are highly recommended for reading and following.
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