In compiling the glossary the working party has sought the views and comments of as broad a spectrum of opinion as possible in industry, commerce and government bodies and organizations, with the aim of producing an international testing standard which would gain acceptance in as wide a field as possible. Total agreement will rarely, if ever, be achieved in compiling a document of this nature.

Contributions to this glossary have been received from testing communities throughout the world. The ISTQB® Glossary is used as a reference document for the International Software Testing Qualification Board® (ISTQB®) software testing qualification scheme.

The document presents concepts, terms and definitions designed to aid communication in (software) testing and related disciplines.

The ISTQB® Glossary working party delivers a glossary of testing and related terms that is used as a reference / source document for syllabi at Foundation, Advanced and Expert level.

Implementation of a new version of the Glossary has been completed in March 2015 that is aligned with all the Syllabi.

The Glossary application is available at