ISTQB® is happy to welcome ITWORKERS to its Partner program!

ITWORKERS has joined the program at the Silver Partnership level.


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ISTQB® is happy to welcome Blizzard Entertainment China to its Partner program!

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The Beta Release of the Model-Based Testing Foundation Extension Syllabus

The ISTQB® General Assembly meeting of Copenhagen 12 June has approved the Beta Release of the Model-Based Testing Foundation Extension Syllabus, along with the supporting Documentation.

ISTQB® is happy to welcome Bilbomática S.A. to its Partner Program!

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ISTQB elects new leaders to Marketing Working Group and Governance

The ISTQB General Assembly in Copenhagen elected new leaders to head the Marketing Working Group and Governance.

Kaspar Loog was elected as Interim Chair for the Marketing Working Group. Mr Loog is from Estonia and running a testing technology startup Browserbite. He is also serving as the Estonian Board representative in ISTQB.

Oliver Denoo from the French Testing Board was elected as Interim Vice Chair for Governance. Mr Denoo is currently serving as Managing Director for ps_testware SAS in France.

More than 540,000 software testing certification exams worldwide

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) is proud to announce that, as of March 2015, more than 540,000 software testing certification exams has taken place worldwide.

ISTQB® has issued 400,000 certifications in 100 countries worldwide

As of March 2015, ISTQB® has issued almost 400,000 certifications in 100 countries world-wide.

The scheme relies on a Body of Knowledge (Syllabi and Glossary) and exam rules that are applied consistently all over the world, with exams and supporting material being available in many languages.

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Learn everything about ISTQB® Certifications

First of all, find out why it is important choosing ISTQB® Certification through the description of its features and benefits.
Then, discover all the ISTQB® Certifications.

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FiSTB TESTING ASSEMBLY 23.–24.9.2015, Helsinki

FiSTB Testing Assembly is a two-day event this year at Hotel Presidentti (

We expect to get 200+ people to the seminar on Thursday 24.9. Theme of the seminar is Agile Testing – What can we learn from agile testing in startup companies. Keynote speakers will be Janet Gregory and Pekka Hyysalo!

On Wednesday 23.9 we will organize a tutorial day with Janet Gregory, where participants are limited to 30 people. You have a possibility to take an ISTQB® certification exam after the seminar on 24.9.

Seminar is for free for FiSTB members, ISTQB®/ISEB-certificate holders and TestausOSY/FAST-members.

For others the participation fee is 100€. The tutorial and exams have separate pricing.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

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Italian Software Testing Forum 2015 on 15-17 June 2015

The Italian Software Testing Forum is the only event in Italy dedicated to Software Services and Quality, where international experts from the industry and the academia will share experiences, knowledge and ideas.

The event is organized during three days: the first two days are dedicated to Tutorials held by international Gurus on the most interesting and innovative topic in the field of Software Testing and Quality. 

During the third day, the Conference and Expo will take place with the participation of important product companies, as well as system integrators/consulting providers and training/exam providers.

Location: Milan, Italy

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ANZTB Test 2015: Advancing Testing Expertise Conference on 22 May 2015

ANZTB Test 2015 is a single day conference featuring international and local guest speakers sharing their experience and thoughts on current software testing topics relevant to today's industry.

With a focus on gaming, mobility and usability, this year's conference will be an event not to be missed.

The conference is suitable for all IT professionals who have an interest in software testing, and anyone looking to advance their skills and knowledge in these currently trending areas of technology.

Location: Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Auckland - Australia

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ISTQB® is happy to welcome CN Group CZ s.r.o to the Platinum Partnership level!

CN Group CZ s.r.o. has upgraded Partnership from Gold to Platinum level.

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There's still time to answer our survey until 15th of May!

ISTQB ® is proud to invite you to take part in a survey to assess the current trends in the testing industry.

By completing this survey, you will:

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To thank you and to recognize your valuable contribution, you will receive an email with a summary of the results one month in advance of the report becoming publicly available.

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