Who can become a Partner?

Organisations may be eligible to become ISTQB® Partners if they have employees or external consultants working for them who provided services for more than 70% of their time and have passed ISTQB® certification exams. This applies equally to training providers. See more here

ISTQB® community wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The release of the 2012 Advanced Level product represents a major milestone

Mike Smith, Chair of the ISTQB® Advanced Level Working Group (ALWG), says "the release of the 2012 Advanced Level product represents a major milestone, and is the culmination of a lot of hard work by many people across the world over the past 2 years. Business Outcomes are now the driver for the 2012 Advanced Level Syllabi. These provide clearly defined statements about the capabilities of anyone achieving Advanced Level Certification, enabling employers to match the profile of certified testers to their business requirements. These statements are verified by examinable Learning Objectives which are traceable to the Business Outcomes. Further to this, the careful scoping of Advanced between Foundation and Expert Levels in the ISTQB® scheme, enables businesses and testing professionals to map out career development paths".

Read the Press Release here

What are the benefits of the ISTQB® Partner Program?

The major benefits of the ISTQB® Partner Program include e.g. permission to use the ISTQB® Partnership Program logo (and other permitted marketing material) on organisation's website.
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What is the ISTQB® Partner Program?

The ISTQB® Partner Program recognises organisations with a demonstrated commitment to software testing certifications. The Program comprises four levels of partnerships (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global) and the partnership level of an organisation is determined through the number of certification points it has accumulated. Benefits among others are:

  • Permission to use the ISTQB® Partnership Program logo (and other permitted marketing material) on organisation's website
  • Recognition of the organisation's testing professionalism, both in the local and international market
  • Official Recognition Letter, indicating identity/location, validity and level

See more in www.istqb.org/partner/

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The release of the new 2012 ISTQB® Advanced Level includes several updates

ISTQB® Advanced Level product release includes updates to the Glossary, Accreditation Process, and the Exam Structure and Rules as well as sample exam questions for all syllabus learning objectives. It is important for all current Advanced Level Training Providers to note that the scale of the changes in the 2012 Advanced Level means that full re-accreditation of courses will be required. To ensure a smooth transition between the 2007 version and 2012 version, there will be a transition  period during which the 2007 version will be phased out. The earliest availability of exams against the 2012 version will be December 2012 with local ISTQB® Member Boards being able to advise on exact dates.  For more details: www.istqb.org

The new 2012 Advanced Level brings another important step to the community and the industry

Yaron Tsubery, President of ISTQB® says "The new 2012 Advanced Level brings another important step to the community and the industry, moving the ISTQB® one step ahead towards the future. I believe this new version is in line with the industry and the practitioners needs and will ensure the growth of professionalism in the software testing domain. The new 2012 Advanced Level is enabling those who took the Foundation Level to move forward and expand their knowledge, while advancing and aligning their career paths following a unified, international standard."

Read the Press Release here

ISTQB® General Assembly will meet in San Francisco in March 2014

The ISTQB® Spring 2014 GA will take place in San Francisco, USA.

Modularization of the Expert Syllabi

The ISTQB® GA approved the modularization of the Expert Level Syllabi making them more flexible. It will be possible to get certified on specific parts of the Syllabi. The overall structure and content of the published Expert Syllabi is not affected by this modularization.

ISTQB® approves the extension of its current scheme with add-ons

The ISTQB® approved in Cape Town the extension of the current scheme with add-ons. The add-ons will extend the current syllabi (mainly the Foundation one) with specific content focused on specific processes (eg: "agile testing"), specific methodologies (eg: "model based testing") or on specific domains (eg: "testing automotive systems").

Chapter 6 in Advanced Level Syllabus 2012 - Technical Test Analyst: Test Tools and Automation

An ideal toolset should eliminate the duplication of information across the tools. It takes more effort and it is more error-prone to store test execution scripts both in a test management database and in the configuration management system.
Learn more and download the Syllabus here

Chapter 5 in Advanced Level Syllabus 2012 - Technical Test Analyst: Learn about reviews

Technical Test Analysts must be active participants in the review process, providing their unique views. They should have formal review training to better understand their respective roles in any technical review process. All review participants must be committed to the benefits of a well-conducted technicalreview.

Learn more and download the Syllabus here

Special Award Winner is Boris Beizer!

As a special celebration for the 10Years Anniversary of ISTQB®, the Award Panel has decided to issue also a "Special Award for Lifelong Contribution to Software Testing" that has been awarded to Boris Beizer.
Read more in the Award Web site

2012 Award Winner is Dorothy Graham!

ISTQB® is proud to announce that the Winner of 2012 "ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award" is Dorothy Graham for her notable contributions to the improvement of software quality and software testing.
Read more in the Award Web site.

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