ISTQB® passes 240 000 certifications

As of March 31, 2012, The ISTQB® has issued more than 240 000 certifications worldwide. Read more information in our website

ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award 2012 - Proposal submission

Submissions are open for the ISTQB® Excellence Award 2012, a prize given annually to a person or company that has made outstanding contributions to the innovation, research and awareness in the field of software quality and testing.

The New 2012 ISTQB® Advanced Level Syllabus

A long-awaited upgrade of the 2007 Advanced Level syllabus is approaching market readiness. Following market surveys of various stakeholders including training providers, businesses, and students, the scoping work commenced which has led to the creation of the 2012 version of the Advanced Level syllabus. This document provides a brief overview of the changes made and the release plan being followed by ISTQB®.

More than 200.000 certifications achieved

ISTQB® announces to have issued more than 200.000 certificates world-wide.

The document can be found here.

ISTQB General Assembly meets in Wellington next week

The ISTQB® General Assembly (GA) meets in Wellington, New Zealand next week. It is the first time the GA will meet in New Zealand and this will be the first GA of the year 2012 where the elections for the working groups will take place.

Stay tuned for more news on the GA over the next weeks.

ISTQB® defines the next General Assembly Meetings

ISTQB® constitution defines that the General Assembly (GA) has the power to approve the objectives and activities of the association; as such, it is the most important body of ISTQB® .  The GA ensuring a democratic and transparent approach that is a hallmark of the ISTQB®. Next ISTQB® GA meetings will respect the "rotation" across the various continents and are planned as follows:

  • 9th March 2012: Wellington, New Zealand
  • 8th June 2012: Tallinn, Estonia
  • 19th October 2012: Cape Town, South Africa
  • April 2013: Toronto, Canada

ISTQB® ensures its consistency world-wide

ISTQB® aims at providing uniform processes world-wide through its Member Boards; in order to ensure this goal and to collect improvement opportunities for fine tuning the scheme, ISTQB® has finalized an Audit Process that has started to be applied to its Member Boards.

ISTQB® International Testing Award

ISTQB® announce the creation of an ISTQB® International Testing Award that will be assigned yearly starting from 2012 to a prominent person in the field of software testing; more details on the eligibility process will be made available in due course.

ISTQB® TBOK (Test Body of Knowledge)

ISTQB® kicks-off activities for the creation of a comprehensive and consistent TBOK, by packaging/ enhancing the existing Glossary and Syllabi as well as incorporating the Syllabi undergoing development and additional sources of information. It is expected that the TBOK will be publicly available within two years.

The ISTQB® Glossary is kept aligned to the evolution of syllabi

The Glossary Working Group is enhancing the ISTQB® Glossary by adding new terms coming from the Expert Level syllabi as well as fine tuning existing terms; the new Version 2.2 is planned to be published in June 2012.

ISTQB® enhances Exam Rules and Structure

The ISTQB® General Assembly in Shanghai approves an enhanced set of rules related to the Exam Structure and the Exam Question Writing Rules and Recommendations; the adoption of such rules by the Member Boards and Exam Providers will further enhance the consistency of exams at international level.

ISTQB® Certified Tester Expert Level Test Manager sample Exam

ISTQB® publishes a sample exam for the Certified Tester Expert Level Test Manager; the document is intended for public availability and is aimed at providing to the candidates an example of what is expected from them in order to achieve the Expert Level certification. For the first time, an ISTQB® exam includes also essay-type questions in addition to the multiple-choice format of Foundations and Advanced level.

To access the Certified Tester Expert Level Test Manager sample exam documents please click here.

ISTQB® Expert Level Syllabus “Test Manager”

The ISTQB® Expert Level "Test Manager" syllabus is approved for official release as version 2011.

ISTQB® Expert Level Syllabus “Improving the Testing Process”

The ISTQB® announces the full release of the Expert Level Syllabus "Improving the Testing Process"; it is foreseen that training and exams will start during 2012.

The ISTQB® Advanced Level new syllabus makes further steps ahead

The ISTQB® Advanced Level Working Group defines the structure, contents, learning objectives, entry requirements and training duration of a new version of the Advanced Level Syllabus, whose general availability and deployment is planned for 2012. The ISTQB® will publicly issue within short time a summary document giving an overview of the 2012 Advanced Level Syllabus and the main differences with respect to the current version.

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