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ISTQB® prepares for additional syllabi to be released on Test Automation and Usability testing

At the ISTQB® General Assembly meeting in Singapore (March 2016), ISTQB® approved for Beta Release two new modules:

  • Test Automation Engineering;
  • Usability Tester (developed in co-operation with the German Testing Board);

Read more in the Press Release.

ISTQB® elected new Chairs and Vice-Chairs

An election for Chair and Vice Chair roles of all ISTQB® Working Groups was held at the ISTQB® General Assembly meeting in Singapore (March 2016). 
“ISTQB® welcomes the elected Chairs and Vice Chairs”, said Gualtiero Bazzana, ISTQB® President” thanking them for their volunteer work and wishing them success for their term”

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ISTQB® issues Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report 2015-2016

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board, the most popular software testing certification authority in the world, released the results of a test practices survey carried out at world-wide level. The survey, with more than 3200 respondents from 89 countries, can be considered the largest in the world in the software testing domain.

“As a non-profit organization, with its mission of advancing the software testing profession, ISTQB® regularly conducts international online surveys to assess the trends in the software testing industry”, said Mr. Gualtiero Bazzana, ISTQB® President.

The survey covers several topics, ranging from organizational and budgetary aspects, to techniques/ processes/ tools, through to skills and competencies within software testing. We believe it provides useful information for all professionals involved in the testing market, as well as direction for further evolution of the ISTQB® scheme.

Some highlights of the survey are listed below:

  • Budgets assigned to testing are large and keep on growing
  • Agile based SDLCs are being adopted ahead of traditional ones
  • Segregation of duties has become a standard practice from an organizational point of view
  • Training and certification of competences are key factors in improving test skills
  • Test automation has become very widespread in the market
  • Performance, usability and security tests are gaining traction

Read the Press Release for more information

Try ISTQB® Glossary application to find correct testing terms easily!

In compiling the glossary ISTQB® has sought the views and comments of as broad a spectrum of opinion as possible in industry, commerce and government bodies and organizations, with the aim of producing an international testing standard which would gain acceptance in as wide a field as possible.

Contributions to this glossary have been received from testing communities throughout the world. The ISTQB® Glossary is used as a reference document for the International Software Testing Qualification Board® (ISTQB®) software testing qualification scheme.

The document presents concepts, terms and definitions designed to aid communication in (software) testing and related disciplines.

The ISTQB® Glossary working party delivers a glossary of testing and related terms that is used as a reference / source document for syllabi at Foundation, Advanced and Expert level.

The Glossary application is available at

Need to improve quality assurance process to be more constructive and efficient?

  • Challenge: Testing if it is sued on an analytical approach just to verify the functionality of a given testobject at the end of development is expensive and should be reduced to a more constructive approach to avoid errors at the beginning of or during the development process. Furthermore, in many test processes there is poor understanding of the coverage and quality of the test.
  • Solution: MBT has the potential to support such constructive approach. MBT extensions shows, how to address and use this potential and to assure that the software artifact is build with a high quality even from the beginning of the project. The advanced systematics of a model-based test design compared to classical test design methods guarantees a well known understanding of the test coverage and test quality as well as means for defining and scaling the needed quality level of the test.
More information here

NEW! Usability Testing Module completes ISTQB® Portfolio

The ISTQB® General Assembly meeting of Shanghai 23 October has approved the development of the Foundation Level Specialist Usability Testing module, along with the supporting documentation.

2015 ISTQB® Award Winner is Erik van Veenendaal!

ISTQB® is proud to announce that Erik van Veenendaal is the winner of the ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award 2015. The main reason of him winning this award is his enormous commitment to software quality and the testing profession over the past 30 years. Erik van Veenendaal is an internationally recognized testing expert, (co-)author of 19 books and has published a large number of papers. Not only is he occupied as an independent consultant doing consultancy, training, publications and presentations throughout the testing and quality management community he is also actively involved in the TMMi® Foundation, International Software Testing Qualifications Board® and the IREB® organization.

Read about the Award

The Release of the Model-Based Testing Foundation Extension Syllabus

The ISTQB® General Assembly meeting of Shanghai 23 October has approved the Release of the Model-Based Testing Foundation Extension Syllabus, along with the supporting Documentation. For more information about ISTQB® MTB here

MBT certification – What are the benefits for professionals?

Business Outcome:
Effectively create and maintain MBT models using established techniques and best practices of model-based testing.

  • Problem: The quality of models is essential for a success of MBT in a given Project.  Many users do not have the knowledge to decide about the quality and therefore to have a criteria on hand to decide when the model is finished for a given task.

  • Solution: The ISTQB® MBT certification gives a practical approach to create MBT models and to assess their quality. It shows a perspective of the modelling paradigm as a process which helps people to correct their approach as soon as possible if it goes in the wrong direction.

Model-Based Testing Foundation Extension Syllabus will be published on this year. Stay tuned and follow our news on

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