New ISTQB® Glossary Released

On the 15th of March 2010 the ISTQB® released to the member boards the updated Glossary (version 2.1). All member boards are to be aware of this release, and to notify the testing community in their area about the new Glossary.


What are the changes to the glossary?

All new terms and changes terms are listed in detail in the updated Glossary. However, most changes can be traced back to the list of keywords from the new expert level syllabus "Improving the Testing Process" (expected to be released autumn 2010), or the Advanced level syllabus. Regarding the Advanced level syllabus, terms are added that are being used in the Advanced syllabus but were not present in the Glossary, and also some inconsistencies have been solved between the Advanced level syllabus and the Glossary.


What do the changes mean to testers?

The new version of the Glossary will provide better support for those attending Advanced level courses and preparing for the Advanced level exams. The new Glossary also supports those who are involved in "Improving the Testing Process" with terms and standard definitions.

What do the changes mean to training providers?

Please ensure that the new Glossary is distributed to the participants when running an Advanced level course. No update of courseware is expected. However, it is strongly recommended for the lecturers to study the changes made, especially those that relate to the Advanced level syllabus.

To access the new Glossary please click here.

ISTQB® – Marketing Working Group - Update

Elections took place at the Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) General Assembly in March 2010. Below are the results from the Rio de Janeiro ISTQB® General Assembly for the Governance Officer, Governance Vice Officer, Working Group Chairs and Vice Chairs.



Governance Officer: Rex Black

Governance Vice Officer: Bernard Homés


Glossary Working Group

Glossary WG Chair: Erik van Veenendaal

Glossary WG Vice Chair: Paul Jorgensen


Foundation Level Working Group

Foundation WG Chair: Thomas Mueller

Foundation WG Vice Chair: Debra Friedenberg


Advanced Level Working Group

Advanced WG Chair: Bernard Homes

Advanced WG Vice Chair: Mike Smith


Expert Level Working Group

Expert WG Chair: Graham Bath

Expert WG Vice Chair: Erik van Veenendaal


Exam Working Group

Exam WG Chair: Graeme Mackenzie

Exam WG Vice Chair: Mette Bruhn-Pedersen


Processes Working Group

Processes WG Chair: Wojciech Jaszcz

Processes WG Vice Chair: Tal Pe'er


Marketing Working Group

Marketing WG Chair: Sharon Robson

New member Boards – Egypt

The ISTQB® General Assembly approves the application of a new Member Board – Egypt.

New member Boards – Sri Lanka

The ISTQB® General Assembly approves the application of a new Member Board - Sri Lanka.

Yaron Tsubery from Israel is the new president of ISTQB®!

ISTQB®, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, has chosen Mr. Yaron Tsubery, Director of QA & Testing Manager at Comverse, Israel to be its new elected president for 2009-2010.

Representatives from over 40 national testing boards cooperate in ISTQB® to set the global standard for the training and certification of software testers worldwide. More than 115,000 professional have already been certified according to the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation and Advanced Level standard.

The last quarterly meeting of ISTQB® was held in Sydney, Australia on Thursday 26th of March. During this meeting elections for the new Executive Board for ISTQB® were conducted.

Mr. Yaron Tsubery is Director of QA & Testing Manager at Comverse Israel and has been working in Comverse for the last 8 years, out of 20 years experience in IT. More in ISTQB® elections: Chris Carter from the Australia/New Zealand Testing board was elected Vice President. Horst Pohlmann from the German Testing Board was re-elected as Treasurer and Robert Dankanin, from the Czech and Slovak Board is the new elected Secretary.

The new executive positions take over from Rex Black (President), Erik van Veenendaal (Vice President) and Chris Carter (Secretary). The ISTQB® General Assembly thanks Rex and Eric for their work and wish the new ISTQB® Executives good luck in the next two years of their terms.

New member Boards – Belarus, Jordan, Singapore

The ISTQB® General Assembly approves the application of 3 new Member Boards, further expanding the presence of ISTQB world-wide - Belarus, Jordan, Singapore