In Chapter 1.2.3 in Agile Tester Add-On: The Role of an Agile Tester in Retrospectives

Testers should play an important role in the retrospective, since they can bring in a relevant “second opinion”, an outside point of view. As an important player of the team, the agile tester is also asked to provide feedback and input for non-testing- related topics. On the other hand, the other team members are also allowed and asked to leave their opinion about testing topics. The tester should participate actively and raise test-related topics as well. Since the tester is part of the team and testing is done with every sprint, it is very important that testing activities are also covered and critically analyzed within the retrospective. Based on this analysis, the tester might decide to adapt test processes to improve its own test effectiveness, test productivity, test case quality, and team satisfaction. Also the testability of the applications, user stories, features or system interfaces are critical to evaluate. Possible improvements to suggest can be identified also on a root-cause-analysis done on occurred defects (Why did we have this defect? What can be done to prevent such a defect in the future? Why did the test team identify this defects and not the automated unit test?).

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