In Chapter 1.2.4 in Agile Tester extension: Benefits of Continuous Integration

Each change on the code base or configuration is verified by an automated build and test, allowing teams to detect problems early

  • The working code is committed and tested frequently, the team always knows if the code is working or not
  • By integrating regularly, errors are detected quickly, and can be located and analyzed more easily
  • Early identification of conflicting changes
  • Provides confidence that the next sprint is based on a solid foundation
  • Making progress is visible and encourages developers and testers
  • No long integration efforts at the end of a project
  • When unit tests fail or a bug emerges, developers might revert the codebase to a bug-free state, without wasting time for debugging and defect clearing
  • Constant availability of a deployable software at any time and at any place for testing, demo or education purposes
  • Reduces repetitive manual test activities
  • Impact of decisions made to improve quality and tests are shown immediately

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