FiSTB TESTING ASSEMBLY 23.–24.9.2015, Helsinki

FiSTB Testing Assembly is a two-day event this year at Hotel Presidentti (

We expect to get 200+ people to the seminar on Thursday 24.9. Theme of the seminar is Agile Testing – What can we learn from agile testing in startup companies. Keynote speakers will be Janet Gregory and Pekka Hyysalo!

On Wednesday 23.9 we will organize a tutorial day with Janet Gregory, where participants are limited to 30 people. You have a possibility to take an ISTQB® certification exam after the seminar on 24.9.

Seminar is for free for FiSTB members, ISTQB®/ISEB-certificate holders and TestausOSY/FAST-members.

For others the participation fee is 100€. The tutorial and exams have separate pricing.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

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FiSTB Testing Assembly