ISTQB® Certifying the Experts!

Expert Level certificates have been awarded to more than 50 test professionals who have demonstrated mastery and understanding of current best practice in Test Management or Improving the Test Process. We would like to extend our congratulations to all who have been successful in this in-depth, practically-oriented certification -  a great achievement!
A number of accredited training providers are offering courses to  support candidates who wish to prepare for CTEL in Test Management or Improving the Test Process - for more information contact your Local Board or Exam Provider or for a Training Provider click here.

Candidate feedback indicates that CTEL has made a significant difference – adding value to testing professionals and their organizations:

“ISTQB Expert Level Improving the Test Process was one of the first certifications that could be applied immediately on my job. Working together with other “experts” in the field on many exercises was very exciting and enhanced my learning experiences.  Totally worth it.” Patrick Duisters (Improve Quality Services BV, The Netherlands)

“This certification provided me with the “backbone” I needed to improve the test process in my current organization. I learned not to limit my improvement thoughts to testing.  Think broader, think organizational, think soft skills. Every environment, organization, (test) process and impacted people is/are different and need an adequate approach. This Expert Level of ISTQB guides pro-active, motivated participants who are eager to come up with well-founded ideas on how improving their test processes in an effective and efficient way. It’s by far the most practical certification I have followed”.
Isabelle Roberts (IP-Consult, Belgium)


Sven Thomas (TRW):  "It was the best training I received ever with respect to content, material and trainer knowledge."
Martin Menzel (VonEssen Bank): “A remarkable training with deep insight, a lot of practice, professional & experienced participants and an exceptional trainer. I got many aspects for Test Process Improvement in my company.”

Gürkan Yildirim (ADAC)” Very effective exercises with examples from practice. Competent answers to questions by trainer! The seminar was very well structured in respect of content but kept sufficiently flexible to respond to the wishes of the participants.

The trainer was technically very competent and well prepared. In addition, he has created a pleasant atmosphere. In summary, a very good seminar."
Holger Blum (Senior Consultant): “I really can recommend this course. The content was presented in a very interesting way. The exercises and the interaction with the other participants supported the learning process perfectly.”