COVID-19 Message

We are in extraordinary times. We know that the spread of Covid 19 has a lot of you worried about what the future holds. Some will have had some very real experience of the virus, others will be worrying about how it will affect them. Our thoughts go out to everyone impacted.

The ISTQB are very sensitive to the situation at this time. We are meeting regularly to review issues and looking for suitable courses of action for them. As more countries continue the process of managing the spread of Covid 19 we expect to see more issues. We are also working through many potential scenarios and looking at solutions to help in case they are needed. However, with our complex Eco-System we won’t be rushed into solutions that might create more problems later.

Different parts of the world are managing this crisis in different ways, so the same solutions may not work for everyone, we do however need to ensure we put our focus where our help is needed, and this we are doing.

When this pandemic has subsided and we are able to look again to the future we will ensure ISTQB is in the right place to continue delivering services to all of our customers.

This is a very difficult time for us all, the ISTQB would like to wish everyone stay safe and well.