ISTQB® releases Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Analyst v3.1 (CTAL-TA)

ISTQB® has released the Advanced Level (CTAL) Test Analyst (TA) Version 3.1. This is a minor update to the CTAL-TA certification. CTAL-TA is a “Core” module within the ISTQB® Certified Tester Scheme and an in-demand next step after the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL).

 The release consists of the ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Analyst syllabus (v3.1) and sample exam questions and answers (v2.3) each supported by Glossary keyword items and Business Outcomes with full Learning Objectives traceability. A separate Exam Structure and Rules has been extracted from the general CTAL document without substantial changes. The documents CTAL TA Overview and Accreditation Guidelines remain unchanged.

An overview of the main changes in the new 3.1 version compared with the 3.0 (2019) version can be found in the Release Notes on the ISTQB® website.

Please note the year of the syllabus release is no longer specified in the version control naming convention for CTAL-TA meaning:

  • 2019 version is referred to as v3.0
  • 2012 version is referred to as v2.0

This is the first time that an update to CTAL-TA has been released without a simultaneous release of CTAL- TTA. According to Agile principles, small iterations ensure better market adoption.

What does this CTAL-TA update mean?

From March 3rd 2021 the following will apply:

  • For English language - the 3.1 syllabus for CTAL TA will be the prevailing current version.
  • The previous 3.0 version in English will be valid to September 3rd 2021.
  • For non-English Syllabi, 3.0 will be valid to December 3rd 2021.
  • Accredited Training will remain as 3 days.
  • Accredited courses remain valid, based on the 2019 (v.3.0) syllabus for CTAL TA, however, the ISTQB® Member Board ( through its accreditation panel) will need to review and confirm that the changes to materials have been completed to reflect the update.
  • Training in other languages may continue for the CTAL TA 2012 (v.2.0) syllabus until August 3rd 2021.
  • CTAL-TA certification exams in English will only be valid if aligned to the 3.0 and 3.1 syllabus versions (3.0 only until September 3rd including for retakes).
  • Exams in other languages are still allowed for CTAL TA 2012 (v2.0) until August 3rd 2021.
  • Holders of the CTAL-TA 3.0 and any previous versions continue to hold a valid certification.

Even more information you can find in the dedicated FAQ section.

ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Analyst Product Owner / the Task Force leader of the CTAL-TA v3.1.0 development Matthias Hamburg, said:

“Shortly after the launch of the 2019 version of our CTAL-TA Syllabus, we received change requests from several stakeholders. We wanted to react quickly to those valuable suggestions, and at the same time keep the impact on training and exams limited to a minimum. We hope to achieve both goals with this minor release.”

ISTQB® President Olivier Denoo added:

“The Test Analyst is a high-quality building block within the core stream of our portfolio. I am pleased that we have been able to make it even better in a short time.”

Chair of ISTQB® Marketing Working Group Sebastian Małyska, noted:

“Our organization is never giving up on our journey to quality. We are committed to the QA community and always open for constructive feedback. If this occurs we react. Never forgetting the need for business continuity which is as very important for our partners and those aiming for certification.”

Thank you to all who have supported the update including Mette Bruhn-Pedersen (Working Group Chair); Matthias Hamburg (Product Owner); Wim Decoutere, István Forgács, Adam Roman, Jan Sabak, Marc-Florian Wendland (Authors) and many other from Exam & Marketing Work Groups.