ISTQB® exceeds 1.1 Million exams!


ISTQB® President Olivier Denoo presented to the ISTQB® General Assembly in Dublin on 13 th May 2022 that more than 1.1 Million ISTQB® Certified Tester exams have been taken around the world in 130 countries (to end of 2021) with 806,000 individuals certified globally.

Mr. Denoo praised this achievement by the ISTQB® community and acknowledged the commitment of testing professionals and organizations to skills development. He stated, “More than 1.1 million exams and continued growth reinforces ISTQB® as the leading scheme for certification of individuals in the field of software testing. ISTQB® Certified Tester is the benchmark for skills and the Certified Tester Foundation Level is most certainly the de-facto starting point for anyone who is seeking or advancing their career in testing. We must consider the role of exam providers and our accredited training providers in the success of the scheme also; they work closely with individuals and organizations to prepare candidates for the exam and indeed to take understanding and skills back to the workplace”.

ISTQB® established, and continues to evolve, the internationally-recognized Certified Tester scheme which is a portfolio of certifications that develop, extend, and validate testing skills. The scheme is built around syllabi created by a global network of experts, the ISTQB® Glossary, sample exams, and the Testing Body of Knowledge (TBOK). Engaging with the broader community is inherent to the activities of ISTQB®. Our strong connection to academia is facilitating the development of industry recognised skills within the academic curriculum and strengthening our links to research in the field of testing and quality engineering. For organizations, we offer the Partner Program as a value-added service that allows partners to demonstrate their commitment to validating competence within their organization through certification, and to provide feedback which the ISTQB® uses to ensure that market needs are met. ISTQB® promotes and engages in further interactions within the testing community by supporting conferences. Listening to individuals, companies, and organizations is instrumental in being able to best serve the testing community.

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ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level Agile Test Leadership at Scale v1.0 (MVP) has been released
ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level Agile Test Leadership at Scale v1.0 (MVP) has been released
67th Member Board joins the ISTQB®
The ISTQB® General Assembly meeting in Dublin on 13th May 2022 confirmed the United Arab Emirates Software Testing Qualifications Board (UAESTQB) as the 67th ISTQB® Member Board.
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