Press Release - Certified Tester Model-Based Testing v1.1 now available


ISTQB® has updated the syllabus and sample exam for its Certified Tester Model-Based Testing (CT-
MBT) certification.

The v1.1 release is a minor update of version 1.0 (2015) to align with ISTQB® Certified Tester
Foundation Level Syllabus v4.0 (CTFL v4.0). The updated sample exam v1.2 reflects the v1.1 syllabus.

The ISTQB® Working Group lead for CT-MBT, Bruno Legeard, explained, “It was essential that we
updated the CT-MBT syllabus to ensure consistency with the latest release of the Foundation Level
certification and the latest version of the ISTQB® Glossary. Importantly, this certification supports
anyone involved in Agile or DevOps software development to develop the skills that will leverage the
efficiencies that MBT can offer. It will help the team to be more effective in the deployment of MBT
approaches, adding more value”.

Release notes for the CT-MBT v1.1 update are included in the syllabus (Appendix C). The syllabus and
sample exam (questions and answers) can be downloaded at:

About Model Based Testing:
Model-Based Testing (MBT) is an advanced test approach using models for testing. It extends and
supports classic test techniques such as equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, decision
table testing, and state transition testing. The basic idea is to improve the quality and efficiency of
the test design and test implementation activities by:
• Designing a comprehensive MBT model, typically using tools, based on project test objectives.
• Providing an MBT model as a test design specification. This model includes a high degree of formal and detailed information that is sufficient to automatically generate the test cases directly from the MBT model.

MBT and its work products are closely integrated with the processes of the organization as well as with the methods, technical environments, tools, and any specific lifecycle processes.

Find out more about MBT and the benefits it can offer in the syllabus.

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The English version of the ISTQB® CTFL v3.1 syllabus will be retired effective from May 9th, 2024. All other language versions of ISTQB® CTFL v3.1 will be retired effective from November 9th, 2024.
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