Find a podcast or join the ISTQB® Podcast Network

Find a podcast or join the ISTQB® Podcast Network

The ISTQB® Podcast Network brings local and global testing communities together to share knowledge and insight into testing, quality assurance, and quality engineering topics. By collating details of podcast streams and series from around the world, the ISTQB® Podcast Network helps anyone interested find relevant channels and content.

ISTQB® Podcast Network members can publish details of their podcasts via the ISTQB® website, benefit from promotion in our social media channels, and use the official ISTQB® Podcast Network logo.

Find the ISTQB® Podcast Network Series

PodcastLink To PodcastLanguage
ASTQB Software Testing PodcastLinkEnglish
GeoSTQB TalksLinkGeorgian, English
ITCB Testil PodcastLinkHebrew
Po szklanie i na testowanieLinkPolish
Pokalbiai Apie KokybeLinkLithuanian, English
Software Testing - Qualität, Testautomatisierung & AgilitätLinkGerman, English

Join the ISTQB® Podcast Network as a podcast provider

The following applies to all ISTQB® Podcast Network members and recognition is based on the following criteria:

  • The podcast concept and topics are related to quality assurance, software testing, or quality engineering.
  • Podcasts should be part of a series that includes at least 3 released episodes at the time of application.
  • There should be a development plan for further episodes and a commitment to ensuring a stable and publicly available channel(s).
  • The podcasts should be scheduled and available according to their announced frequency.
  • The podcast provider will include the official ISTQB® Podcast Network logo on the website or channel and where possible in its marketing activities (e.g. social media).
  • The podcasts do not need to be aligned directly to the ISTQB® Testing Body of Knowledge or any specific ISTQB® curriculum but they must NOT include any statement that could be detrimental to the ISTQB® community, principles, or products.
  • The podcasts should not be aimed at publicizing any particular company, tool, or service and it must be clear that ISTQB® is not giving any direct endorsement or validation to any organization, content, views, recommendations, tools, etc.
  • The podcast provider agrees that ISTQB® can at its sole discretion restrict admittance to or withdraw participation in the ISTQB® Podcast Network without penalty or liability should the podcasts, their organizers, or sponsors not align in ISTQB’s view to the overall ISTQB® vision, mission, values and status as a not for profit organization registered in the EU or where the conference conflicts with the status of the local ISTQB® Member Board. The podcast and its organizer(s) accept that membership of the ISTQB® Podcast Network does not give any guarantees or warranties from ISTQB®.


  • Podcasts are organized or recognized by an ISTQB® Member Board, exam provider, accredited training provider, partner organization, or any organization/community in collaboration with the mentioned bodies above.

The ISTQB® reserves the right to review these rules at any time.


The ISTQB® Podcast Network will support your event with promotional activities:

  • Post details about the podcast on the ISTQB® website
  • Post about the podcast on the ISTQB® social media channels, provided that the organizer sends us the materials.
  • Provide the ISTQB® Podcast Package including authorization to use the official ISTQB® International Podcast Network logo to build visual identification

Apply to become an ISTQB® Podcast Network Member

If you are a podcast organizer and would like to join the ISTQB® Podcast Network, complete the application form or contact us at for more information.

The ISTQB® Podcast Network application process:

  • The podcast organizer may apply at any time while the podcast stream is active but at least after releasing 3 episodes.
  • Send your logo to
  • The local ISTQB® Member Board or other bodies mentioned above will be asked for a statement regarding the podcast. They have 7 days to confirm that they would support/recommend the podcast.
  • The podcast organizer will then receive the decision about the application and in a positive case will get permission to use the ISTQB® Podcast Network Package

After Approval

The ISTQB® Podcast Network will publish the podcast info on the ISTQB® website and share details in an update post on our social media channels.

Another cooperation opportunities:

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