ISTQB® Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report 2015-2016


About the Survey

After the “2013 ISTQB® Effectiveness Survey”, in which we collected market feedback on the impacts of ISTQB® certifications, in 2015 we conducted a survey looking at the “Worldwide Software Testing Practices”, the results of which are published in this report.

The survey covers several topics, ranging from organizational and budgetary aspects, to techniques/ processes/ tools, through skills and competencies; we think it provides useful information for all the professionals involved in the testing market, as well as direction for the further evolution of the ISTQB® scheme. This is an exciting time in the testing industry and the survey data will help the significant evolution that ISTQB® is currently undertaking to ensure we develop and maintain syllabi that continue to reflect changing testing practices and that meet market demands.

The survey was designed by the ISTQB® Marketing Working Group and endorsed by ISTQB® Member boards, accredited training providers and exam providers, collecting more than 3,200 responses from 89 countries.

The most significant findings from ISTQB® Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report 2015-2016

  1. Budgets assigned to testing are large and keep on growing.
  2. Agile based SDLCs are being adopted ahead of traditional ones (Waterfall or V-Model).
  3. Segregation of duties has become a standard practice from an organizational point of view.
  4. Test tools are widely adopted.
  5. Test automation is a hot topic.
  6. Testing requires a wide range of skills and competencies.
  7. Important career paths are available for testers and test managers.
  8. The decision of “When to stop testing” is mainly based on requirements coverage.
  9. Use cases and exploratory testing are the most adopted test techniques in the business practices.
  10. Performance, usability and security tests are gaining traction.
  11. Several improvement opportunities are recognized

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