Worldwide Software Testing Practices Survey 2017

Following the successful release of Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report in 2015, a new survey was designed for its second edition considering the changing needs of software testing industry. The survey was designed by the ISTQB® Marketing Working Group and endorsed by ISTQB® Member boards, accredited training providers and exam providers in all over the world.

The survey covers the following topics:

  • Testing organization
  • Testing budget
  • Trends in testing
  • Career path in testing
  • Usage of testing tools
  • Testing processes
  • Test techniques and types
  • Agile testing
  • Future of testing
  • Market request to tester’s skills

We think the survey provides useful information for all the professionals involved in the testing market. All the survey answers will be gathered and analyzed, with a report being published.

To thank you for completing the survey and to recognize your valuable contribution, you will receive an email with a summary of the results one month in advance of the report becoming publicly available.

Click here to start answer Worldwide Software Testing Practices Survey 2017.

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