ISTQB® Academic Research Compendium


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Below you can find the list of Academic Papers and/or Research that the ISTQB® recommends to read and be aware of.

You will be able to explore/find various types of research, addressing different topics in the software testing world. These research topics are divided into a few categories:

  • Already Completed;
  • Already Started and currently In Progress;
  • Ready to be kicked off.

The list of papers and research is constantly updated by the ISTQB® Academia Committee, is looking for papers and research that have to:

  • Be focused on Testing and Quality;
  • Create a value and contribution to the field;
  • Have a scientific, academic, or pedagogic specialization;
  • Be a new research initiative;
  • Be written in the English language.

Recognition is based on the following criteria:

  • Clearly stated list of goals;
  • Focused on Software Testing and/or Quality;
  • Has a well-defined research Methodology and Plan;
  • Has the possibility of Practical Application.

The ISTQB® reserves the right to review these rules at any time. If you are a person who wishes to share information, or you have a new idea that will initiate academic research, through an academic institution, please submit your paper and/or research to be added to the ISTQB® Academic Research Compendium. Contact us at

Download Research-&-Paper-Data-Form here to submit your application.

Find below the list of Papers & Research that belongs to ISTQB® Academic Research Compendium, organized by category, such as software quality, software testing, test automation, requirements, etc. Click on the title of the Research to see the research description and its details, such as researcher(s) name(s), links, etc.

Domain Topic Title Status
Testing in General Software Testing A Structured Approach to Test Case Definition with an Exemplary Illustration Completed
Testing in General Software Testing Extending the Development of Test Cases in Conditions of Large Numbers of Variables and Values (Start at page 8) Completed
Testing in General Role of Tester Role of the Testing Group in Selecting an Enterprise Architecture Solution: A Case Study (Start at page 13) Completed
Testing in General Test Driven Development Test-Driven Development in the Corporate Workplace Completed
Testing in General Quality Gates Implementation Implementing Quality Gates throughout the Enterprise IT Production Process Completed