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istqb logo networkWe'll be happy if you'll join in the ISTQB® Conference Network.

In this page, you can find all the events and conferences that are part of the ISTQB® Conference Network.

All these events, held on a yearly basis, have to:

  • Be focused on Testing and Quality;
  • Be organized or recognized by an ISTQB® Member Board or by ISTQB® Marketing Working Group;
  • Recognition is based on the following criteria:
    • It’s recommended the event has an open and public Call for Papers/Call for Speakers.
    • The selection of speeches must be performed by an independent program committee composed by several people;
    • The conference should offer a discount on fees to ISTQB® Certificate Holders;
    • The program has to include at least one official ISTQB® Speech, which is the presentation of the ISTQB® status, perspectives and product portfolio made by an ISTQB® representative or a representative of the National Board of that region;
    • It’s recommended in order to the conference gives discounts - to companies that have subscribed to the Partner Program - for the participation of their employees.The discounts will grow depending on the Partnership Level (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Global), and will be clearly visible on the conference website.

The ISTQB® reserves the right to review these rules at any time.

If you are a conference organizer and you would like to join the ISTQB® Conference Network, contact us at

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Find below the events that belongs to ISTQB® Conference Network.


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June 2021, July 2021, October 2021, November 2021

STF 2021 Logo

Italian Software Testing Forum - 2021 Digital Roadshow
Web conferences

October 2021

HUSTEF 2021 Logo

online from Budapest, Hungary

October 2021

A4Q World Congress

A4Q World Congress

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