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istqb logo networkWe'll be happy if you'll join in the ISTQB® Conference Network.

In this page, you can find all the events and conferences that are part of the ISTQB® Conference Network.

All these events, held on a yearly basis, have to:

  • Be focused on Testing and Quality;
  • Be organized or recognized by an ISTQB® Member Board or by ISTQB® Marketing Working Group;
  • Recognition is based on the following criteria:
    • The event must have an open and public call for papers;
    • The selection of speeches must be performed by an independent program committee composed by several people;
    • The conference should offer a discount on fees to ISTQB® Certificate Holders;
    • The program has to include at least one official ISTQB® Speech, which is the presentation of the ISTQB® status, perspectives and product portfolio made by an ISTQB® representative or a representative of the National Board of that region;
    • Companies that have subscribed to the Partner Program will receive discounts for the participation of their employees; the discounts will grow depending on the Partnership Level (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Global)

The ISTQB® reserves the right to review these rules at any time.

If you are a conference organizer and you would like to join the ISTQB® Conference Network, contact us at

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Find below the events that belongs to ISTQB® Conference Network.


Dates Events

October 2020

SEETEST 2020 Logo

Sofia, Bulgaria

October 2020

TestIstanbul 2020 Logo

TestIstanbul 2020
Istanbul, Turkey

October 2020

iSQE 2020 Logo

ISQE 2020
Chongqing, China

November 2020

Hustef 2020 Logo

Budapest, Hungary

November 2020

Testing United 2020 Logo

Testing United 2020
Prague, Czech Republic

November 2020

SQA Days - 27 Logo

SQA Days - 27
Moscow, Russian Federation

March 2021

SQA Days 2021 Logo

SQA European Days - 3
Vilnius, Lithuania

June 2021

STF 2021 Logo

Italian Software Testing Forum
Milan, Italy

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