Become a Member Board

Become a Member Board

ISTQB® is an open organization and welcomes applications from national or regional bodies that would like to expand the ISTQB® Certified Tester scheme to territories that are not currently covered by member boards. The application process to become an ISTQB® Member Board is guided by acceptance criteria and the process is shown below.

The process of becoming an ISTQB® Member Board:

  • Gather a group in the local community
  • Create a business plan
  • Register as a legal entity
  • Sign in Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Send an application to the ISTQB® General Assembly
  • Align expectations with the ISTQB® Executive Committee
Undergo Vote
  • Present the application at an ISTQB® General Assembly
  • Pass the voting (a majority of two third is required)
  • Manage exams and training accreditations in the defined territory
  • Participate in ISTQB® Working Groups
  • Participate in ISTQB® General Assemblies
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