Certified Tester Expert Level Test Management Managing the Test Team (CTEL-TM-MTT)

The ISTQB Expert Level Test Management (CTEL-TM) certification (Managing Testing, Testers, and Test Stakeholders) comprises 3 parts: 'Strategic Test Management', 'Operational Test Management', and 'Managing the Test Team'. Note that separate certification exams are provided for each part, and all three parts must be achieved to gain full certification in CTEL-TM. An Expert Level certificate is valid for 7 years.


The ISTQB® CTEL-TM- Managing the Test Team content within the CTEL-Test Management syllabus considers the people management skills that are a critical part of the Test Manager’s role and necessary to build, develop and lead test teams in organizations. This includes recruitment, setting goals and objectives, individual personalities and roles within teams, performance reviews, motivating and challenging the team and managing distributed teams. Being able to manage across the organization is another core part of the Test Manager’s role including being able to advocate, defend and promote the test team and its contribution to the organization, being able to communicate with stakeholders, advocating quality across the organization and being able to handle ethical issues.

For Part 1 of the CTEL-TM certification, refer to CTEL-TM-STM and for Part 2, refer to CTEL-TM-OTM. All 3 Parts are required to be CTEL-TM certified.

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The Expert Level certification is aimed at those who have already achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing and wish to develop further their expertise in a specific area.

To obtain Expert Level certification, candidates must have:

Exam Structure
question mark iconNo. of Questions:
question mark iconTotal Points:
question mark iconPassing Score:
clock iconExam Length (mins): (+25% Non-Native Language)
Business Outcomes

The expert test manager is able to perform each of the following tasks:

  • Lead the test management within an organization, project or program to identify and manage critical success factors with management commitment at CEO/Board level;
  • Take appropriate business-driven decisions on a test management strategy and implement organization wide commitment and compliance based on quality KPIs;
  • Assess the current status of the test management, propose step-wise improvements and show how these are linked to achieving business goals within the organizational context of test management (organization or project/program);
  • Set up a strategic policy for improving the test management and the testing, and implement that policy in an organization;
  • Analyze specific problems with the test management and its alignment with other roles or management areas in the project/organization, and propose effective solutions;
  • Create a master test plan with matching governance dashboard to meet or exceed the business objectives of the organization or a project/program;
  • Develop innovative concepts for test management (project) organizations which include required roles, skills, methodologies (tools) and organizational structure;
  • Establish a standard process for implementing test management in an organization (project/program) with standardized delivery based on quality KPIs;
  • Lead an organization to improve the test management process and manage the introduction of changes;
  • Understand and effectively manage the human issues associated with test-project management and implement necessary changes.
More Information

Expert Level provides in-depth, practically-oriented certification courses in a range of different testing subjects. Materials provided at Expert Level build on the knowledge and experience obtained at the Advanced Level.

Download Materials
CTEL-TM Syllabus 2011 v1.0
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Sample Exam Questions v1.0.1
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Sample Exam Answers v1.0.1
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Exam Structures and Rules
CTEL Exam Structure and Rules v2.32
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Expert Level Rules and Recommendations v1.1
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Extension Policy
CTEL Certification Extension Policy v1.1
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